What is Automatic Call Distribution Software?

Automatic call distribution software, or automatic call routing, is a system that allows you to distribute incoming calls based on your customized rules. At the simplest level, you can choose to distribute calls in linear priority or hunt group styles. More complex automated call distribution software systems allow your business to distribute calls based on time of day, custom percentages, or even the skills of individual agents.

In this post, we'll talk about some of the most common call routing options available with automatic call distribution software and review the key benefits of this essential call center application.

How does automatic call distribution software work?

The best thing about automatic call distribution software is that it is customizable. That means that you get to choose how you would like your calls to be distributed amongst your agents. Here are just a few of the different types of call routing enabled by automated call distribution software:

Time of Day Call Routing

Most automatic call distribution software platforms include the option to configure time of day call routing. This feature allows contact centers to direct calls to different branches, queues, or even agents based on time of day. It is an especially helpful feature for contact centers that serve customers in multiple time zones. For smaller businesses, it can be used to divert calls to a mobile phone or alternate number after standard operating hours.

Skills-based Routing

Skills-based routing is an automatic call distribution software feature that allows contact centers to direct incoming calls to the right agent or department based on the caller's need. In most cases, this need is determined by IVR selections inputted by the caller.

Percentage-based Routing

Percentage-based routing works by distributing incoming calls to different destinations based on a simple, percentage-based ratio. If your business has one contact center branch with 75 agents, and another with only 25, you can use percentage-based routing to distribute calls appropriately. This automated call distribution software feature would allow you to send 75% of incoming calls to the larger branch, and 25% of incoming calls to the smaller branch.

Why choose cloud-based automated call distribution software?

Many on-premise automated call distribution servers can cost thousands of dollars to install and maintain. Cloud-based automatic call distribution software is maintained and hosted by a provider. That means that your business saves money, and you don't need to have a telco or IT professional on staff to configure or maintain your software.

And as with any cloud-based solution, hosted ACD systems allow for better disaster recovery options. In the case of an unforeseen natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, on-premise equipment can be ruined, leaving your business crippled. Because cloud-based automatic call distribution software is hosted online, your contact center will remain online and fully functional, even in the case of a natural disaster.

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