SimpleTexting Review

simpletexting review

SimpleTexting Review (2020) Pricing, Rates and Reviews Ever since adding business texting to our growing list of product features, we get plenty of questions about text message marketing solutions. No single SMS platform is perfect for everyone, so we have no problem recommending other texting services when called for. That’s why we put together this…

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Best Business SMS Platforms in 2020

best business sms platform

Best Business SMS Services: 2020’s Top Text Messaging Platforms Looking for the best business SMS platforms for your business? Since you found this article, you probably have a decent idea of what you need from your business texting service, as well as what you’re trying to avoid. For the purposes of this article, we assume…

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Top CallHippo Alternatives in 2020

callhippo alternatives

Best CallHippo Alternatives [2020] CallHippo Reviews, Competitor Pricing If you’re in the market for business phone numbers, SMS service, or virtual phone systems, there is a good chance CallHippo has shown up in your search. At AVOXI, we know that no business phone service is perfect for every company. And while we are sure that…

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Best CallFire Alternatives in 2020


Best Callfire Alternatives (2020) Callfire Pricing Comparisons and Review If you’re looking for virtual phone numbers, business texting, or business phone systems, there is a good chance CallFire has shown up. At AVOXI, we realize that no virtual phone service is perfect. And while we are sure that CallFire is just as confident in their…

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SMS Software Price Guide

sms software pricing

SMS Software Pricing (2020 Guide) What Does Business Texting Cost? For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped companies around the world improve communications while reducing costs with cloud-based voice solutions. Now, we want to help companies reduce costs with business texting. This SMS software pricing guide was last updated in November 2019.  Many businesses use business…

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