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How Much Does a 1800 Number Cost?

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As a leading provider of 1800 phone numbers, AVOXI helps customers determine the best 1800 number options for their business. We address numerous questions about 1800 number pricing, and what customers should expect to pay for the service. In this article, we look at the factors that affect pricing to help you determine your specific cost for 1800 number service.

How to Determine the Cost of a 1800 Number

1800 numbers are available in multiple countries, including Australia, Singapore, Ecuador, India, and more. Additionally, dialing formats and restrictions vary by country. However, the most commonly sought 1800 numbers are US based. These toll free numbers include the prefix variations: 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and most recently 833.

As part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), these 1800 numbers are toll free for not only the US, but also Canada and select countries in the Caribbean along with US territories. Let’s look at a scenario for a US 1800 number cost review.

Cost Factors for a US 1800 number

There are two primary factors that determine the cost of a 1800 number:

  1. What is the cost per-minute? Location and device affect the rate charges.
  2. How are calls answered? VoIP/online, landline, mobile?

We’ll take a look at how these factors affect costs by comparing AVOXI with two other popular providers: TollFreeForwarding.com and Global Call Forwarding. First, let’s compare the 1800 number forwarding to a geographic location—in this comparison, Mexico.


TollFreeForwarding.com offers bundled minute packages for a variety of usage scenarios. For this comparison, we looked at the packages under the Starter plans. We selected a 1800 number and indicated the ring to as a Mexico phone number—the call terminating country.

The “Pay As You Go” package is $9.00 per month with usage charges of 5.9¢ per minute. The 250 Minute package is $14.00 per month with any overage charged at 5.4¢ per minute. Mobile minutes and rate charges are the same as landline. Simple and straightforward, the plans are less if paid annually.

1800 number cost Mexico tollfreeforwarding

The cost savings when forwarding inbound calls to VoIP/IP is evident when we change the “ring to” destination. The Pay As You Go per minute rate drops to 4.6¢ per minute. But, most noticeable is that the landline 250 plan minute bundle changes to 400 minutes for VoIP/IP at the same cost of $14.00 per month.

1800 number cost tollfreeforwarding

Also, the per minute rate for additional minutes drops to 4.1¢ per minute.

Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding, a United World Telecom company, also offers minute packages. Similar to the TollFreeForwarding 250 Minute package, Global Call Forwarding’s Basic plan offers 200 monthly minutes for $12.95 per month.

1800 Number Cost - Global Call Forwarding

1800 number cost by mobile location - Global Call ForwardingAdditional minutes are 5.2¢ per minute. At first glance, the plan appears highly competitive, but it’s worth taking a closer look. Why? The minutes and rates for additional minutes change based on location/device. For example, forwarding the inbound calls to a mobile number in Cancun gives you 126 minutes in the package with 12¢ per minute for additional usage.

1800 number cost package Global Call Forwarding

Taking a look at Global Call Forwarding’s difference when forwarding to VoIP/IP instead of a geographic location, the Basic plan minutes go up to 303 minutes for $12.95 monthly and overage rates of 4¢ per minute.


As a foremost provider of 1800 numbers, AVOXI offers minute packages for these toll free numbers. The Business Classic is a pay as you go plan at $4.99 per month and usage rates of 7.1¢ per minute for forwarding to a Mexico landline and 11.1¢ per minute for mobile. The Business Basic plan bundles 220 minutes for $7.99 per month and usage overage at 6.7¢ per minute.

1800 number cost AVOXI

Similar to the Global Call Forwarding Basic plan, if forwarding to a Mexico mobile line, minutes change to 138 minutes per month with additional minutes at 10.7¢ per minute.

Like TollFreeForwarding.com and Global Call Forwarding, the savings are apparent when incoming calls forward to VoIP/SIP.

1800 number cost bundle AVOXI

With the “ring to” set for VoIP/SIP, the Business Basic plan offers 400 minutes for $7.99 monthly with additional minutes at 3.7¢ per minute.

How You Answer Calls Determines the Biggest Difference in Cost

Looking at the three providers and using a basic minute package as the comparison, you can see for all that forwarding your inbound calls to VoIP/SIP saves you money over landline or mobile rates.

For quick reference, look at a snapshot comparison when forwarding to VoIP/IP:

  • TollFreeForwarding.com
    • 400 minutes
    • $14.00 month
    • 4.1¢ per minute additional
  • Global Call Forwarding
    • 303 minutes
    • $12.95 month
    • 4¢ per minute additional
    • 400 minutes
    • $7.99 month
    • 3.7¢ per minute additional

Routing your “ring to” as a VoIP/SIP number lets you connect through your Internet using a softphone. That means you only need a computer, headset, and Internet connection. That’s another savings when compared to traditional phone lines.

Check out AVOXI’s online shopping cart for more 1800 selections or talk to a specialist to discuss your specific business needs.