How to Reduce Hold Time in a Call Center

how to reduce hold time in call centers

How to Reduce Hold Time in a Call Center Don’t let bad hold practices be the reason you lose customers! Customers dial call centers for fast solutions and answers, don’t disappoint them and place them on hold. No one wants to waste their time by placing their phones on speaker and blasting hold music waiting…

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Best Ways to Use Call Center Scripts

call center scripts

Buy Online Get a Free Demo As a provider of some of the most effective, yet affordable, inbound call center software on the market, we are all about effective tools like call center scripts. When your customers think of call center scripts, they usually think of your agents reading from a piece of paper or…

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Top Call Center Etiquette Tips

call center etiquette

Customer Service Etiquette: How to Speak to Customers in the Call Center Trying to establish rules and procedures that lead to excellent etiquette in your call center? Learn the best practices for handling calls and speaking to customers in the call center. Establishing great customer service etiquette standards is one of the most important things…

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How to Handle Angry Customers on the Phone

handling unhappy customers

How to Handle Angry Customers on the Phone: Tips on What to Say Call center jobs are already stressful, and dealing with frustrated customers doesn’t make your job any easier. In fact, handling difficult customers over the phone is consistently listed among the top 3 reasons for turnover in the call center. Helping your agents…

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How to Manage Remote Call Center Agents

virtual call center agents

Managing Virtual Call Center Agents: Tips for Remote Call Centers Looking to learn how to effective manage remote call center agents? Today’s virtual call center solutions allow for more flexibility than ever, especially when it comes to remote agents. But, because remote employees work outside of a central office or location, some virtual call center…

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Your Call Center Management Checklist: The Holiday Edition

Call Center Management Checklist: The Holiday Edition While the holidays are a time of rest and relaxation for some, retailers across the globe are preparing to scale their businesses for the busiest time of the year. There is plenty of due diligence to be done in all business departments to prepare for the chaos of…

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3 Causes of Long Average Call Duration (And How to Fix Them)

How to Minimize Average Call Duration   When you are running a call center, you have to find a perfect balance. You want your agents to work as efficiently as possible, but you also want to make sure they are aware of other customers waiting in their queue and that they’re successfully helping each caller.…

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Call Queue Management 101

Buy Online Get a Free Demo As the provider of the most effective, yet affordable, call center system software for functions like call queue management and quality assurance, we are all about best practices. If you’ve ever called a business with a customer support issue, chances are that you have experienced the frustration of long hold…

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How to Optimize Schedule Adherence in the Call Center

call center adherance standards

How to Optimize Schedule Adherence in the Call Center At the end of the day, a call center is only as strong as its agents. That’s why schedule adherence in the call center is so important. This essential metric helps determine what percentage of the time your agents are in the queue during the time…

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How to Create Successful Quality Control Evaluations for Your Agents

Efficiency and effectiveness are two of the primary goals when it comes to operating a successful call center.  For call center managers, this means making sure that your agents are properly trained and performing at their highest levels.  To help you do this, we’ll discuss how to create successful quality control evaluations for your agents using…

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