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Toll Free Vanity Numbers

Set up vanity numbers around the world and enjoy 20+ business features.

Set up vanity numbers around the world and enjoy 20+ business features.

Get A Smart Virtual Phone Number
20+ Calling Features Included
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Get Vanity 800 Numbers Worldwide

A toll free vanity number is a custom 800 number designed to make your business stand out. Toll free vanity phone numbers spell out a memorable phrase or brand name. In addition, callers worldwide recognize vanity 800 numbers as free for them to call. Businesses that set up custom toll free numbers establish a professional appearance and experience significantly higher response rates from their advertising efforts.

Benefits of Custom 800 Numbers for Business

  • Potential customers are more likely to call toll free vanity numbers. Callers around the world recognize vanity 800 numbers as toll free. In addition, these personalized numbers are more likely to stand out to potential customers.
  • Instantly bring your business to a global market. It's never been easier to bring your business to an international market. Toll free vanity numbers allow you to start forwarding calls from over 120 countries instantly.
  • Enjoy exceptional call quality and consistency. AVOXI offers exceptional call quality and a commitment to 99.9% uptime.
  • Enhance your marketing efforts with an easy to remember toll free number. Make it easy for customers to remember you with a unique 800 number for your business.
  • Getting a vanity 800 number is easy and affordable. Set up a new number or keep your current business number while benefiting from AVOXI’s call forwarding services.
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Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers Include AVOXI Core Cloud PBX

With your purchase of a business phone number from AVOXI, you automatically gain access to the AVOXI Core User Interface. Our cloud-based virtual phone system gives you access to 20+ VoIP features. Leverage flexible call forwarding rules, enjoy 15 days of free call recording, download analytics, add new business numbers online and much more from your AVOXI Core User Interface. AVOXI Core can act as your stand-alone virtual phone system or easily add-on to your existing VoIP PBX.

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Look Up Custom 800 Numbers for Sale Worldwide

Select a country below to learn more about getting international vanity numbers in that region. If you don’t see the country you are looking for, let us know! If we don't already have it in stock, we can order it immediately.

Don't see the toll free vanity number you need?

In most cases, AVOXI can provide the custom 800 number you need. Let us know where you want to set up vanity number service and we secure your business phone number today!

How to Buy Vanity 800 Numbers Today

AVOXI makes it simple and affordable to get toll free vanity numbers around the world. Once you know where you would like to expand, there are multiple ways to set up custom 800 numbers. Purchase a vanity 800 number online, get custom pricing, or simply speak with us directly!

Toll Free Vanity Number Pricing

Vanity 800 number pricing depends on where you need a business number and your monthly call volume. Business numbers in popular service areas like the USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Mexico, and many others start as low as $7.99 per month and include 20+ VoIP features from AVOXI Core. AVOXI does not charge setup fees or force you to sign a minimum contract, so you can cancel anytime.

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Buy Online

Set up your toll free numbers online. After your purchase, an AVOXI specialist will contact you and ensure your service is working according to your preferences.

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 Worldwide: +1 (770) 937-9735
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Get Custom Pricing

If you don’t see the number you need, or if you expect high amounts of call traffic and would like to learn more about discounted rates, let us know!

Customer Success Story

Award-winning Resort Combines VoIP Service with Legacy Technology to Support New Business

Legacy business phone systems don't have to hold your business back. Learn how an award-winning resort used AVOXI's VoIP services to reduce costs and streamline business operations or download any of our other customer case-studies. 

Business SIP Trunk Case Study - Solutions Brief

Why Companies Worldwide Choose AVOXI

AVOXI has been a global leader in business communications for nearly 20 years. Every month, reliable VoIP network handles over 40,000 minutes of calls for companies in 50+ countries.  With AVOXI, you get:

  • Global Reliability: Experience maximum uptime through AVOXI’s optimized worldwide network, connected via multiple data centers in North America, Asia, and Africa.
  • Expert Support: Locations in the USA, Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Hong Kong means that experienced technical support is accessible anytime you need it.
  • Superior Call Quality: Direct partnerships and interconnections with Tier 1 carriers around the globe ensure that you get top-quality voice resolution at the most competitive rates.
  • Customer Focus: When you become an AVOXI customer, you receive a dedicated account manager that understands your business and is always looking out for you.
  • Worldwide Coverage: Direct partnerships and interconnections with Tier 1 carriers around the globe ensure that you get top-quality voice resolution at the most competitive rates in 140+ countries.
  • Scalability: AVOXI’s large portfolio of VoIP telephony solutions and cloud-based platforms makes it easy to customize our communication services with your evolving business needs.
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Have Questions About AVOXI's Toll Free Vanity Number Service?

Still not convinced about AVOXI’s virtual number service? Allow us to show you how our virtual business phone system, AVOXI Core, makes it easy to optimize your communications from its flexible User Interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up my service?

AVOXI provisions toll free vanity numbers in under 48 hours. However, this process can be expedited if your need is urgent. In most cases, your vanity 800 number is activated the following business day.

I already have a custom business number but would like to save money or use AVOXI's VoIP service. What can I do?

To reduce call costs or use our Cloud PBX with an existing business number, simply port your current phone number to AVOXI. Most countries allow toll free and local number porting. In the US and Canada, vanity 1800 numbers are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, which requires that all toll free numbers be portable.  Learn more about setting up service with your existing number here.

Can I forward calls made to my vanity 800 number to my mobile phone?

Yes, you can. You may even customize your call forwarding rules to redirect calls to your office phone during business hours and to a mobile phone when you are closed. You may also forward calls made to your ITFS number to multiple locations.

Are vanity 800 numbers toll free for mobile callers?

Mobile calls made to an 800 number are toll free in most countries. However, some countries charge a local call rate, connection fee, or airtime charge for calls made from mobile devices. Additional information about a country’s mobile restrictions and charges can be found in their designated ITFS page.

How should I use custom toll free numbers in my marketing efforts?

Custom 800 numbers have a variety of uses. Besides just improving engagement from your advertisement efforts, they can also be used for call tracking and product branding. For great advice on maximizing the results from your custom toll free numbers, check out the neuroscience of memorable toll free numbers.

Can I make outbound calls with my custom 800 number?

Yes, AVOXI includes outbound calling as part of our virtual number service. You may also set your local phone number as your custom caller ID when making outbound calls.

Can I look up 800 number availability?

Yes, you may view available 800 numbers by going to our Online Shopping Cart. Simply select the originating country and number type you would like to see local or toll free number availability.

NOTE: AVOXI keeps more numbers in stock than the ones displayed in the Online Shopping Cart. Just because an 800 number for a certain country does not appear in the Shopping Cart does not mean that AVOXI is not carrying toll free numbers for that country in stock.

What if I don't see the custom 800 number I am looking for in the shopping cart?

Not all of AVOXI’s virtual number inventory is displayed in the Online Shopping Cart. If you do not see the business number you need, let us know! AVOXI is partnered with local carriers in countries around the world. If we do not already have your number in stock, we will order it for you.

What happens after I purchase a toll free vanity number online?

After selecting a virtual business number in the Online Shopping Cart, and AVOXI specialist will contact you shortly to confirm your order and ensure your service settings are set up properly. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with your login information for the AVOXI Core user interface.

What other services can AVOXI offer to help my business?

In addition to global business number service, popular business phone services from AVOXI include:


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