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How Much Does Toll Free Forwarding Cost?

Toll Free Forwarding is an essential feature for modern day businesses. However, depending on a number of factors, the price for this feature can vary quite a bit. In this article we’ll discuss what Toll Free Forwarding is, the factors effect the price and the final costs you’ll encounter when using this feature.

What is Toll Free Forwarding?

Toll Free Forwarding is a VoIP feature that allows you to forward the incoming calls you receive on your Toll Free number to a phone of your choice. This is becomming popular for businesses because no matter where you are, you’ll be able to forward your customers’ calls to an accessible phone and answer them.

Factors that influence the cost

Some providers offer the Toll Free Forwarding feature for free as part of their Cloud PBX Phone system. However, some may charge you a monthly fee to add this feature to your current phone system.

The real cost for Toll Free Forwarding comes into play when you begin to use the feature. The cost is a higher per minute fee for the incoming calls that you’re forwarding. Providers have set calling rates based on a number of different factors however, it takes some math to figure out the final cost of your forwarded calls.

To find out the final cost of Toll Free Forwarding, consider that an incoming call has two legs, one based on the person calling the number and one based on you, the recipient.

Leg 1 is dependent on where in the world the caller is calling from. Each provider has specific calling rates for each country so you’ll need to take their location into account.

Leg 2 is dependent on two factors about you, the receiver of the call. First, it takes note on where in the world you are because like Leg 1, your provider has specific calling rates based on your location. Second, your cost is based off how you answer the call, either on a landline, mobile phone or VoIP. Again, providers have set prices based on this as well.

To get the final cost of your forwarded call, you simply add up each leg of the call. This will give you the Rate Per Minute (RPM) that your forwarded call is being charged at.

toll free forwarding legs of a call


How much does Toll Free Forwarding cost?

For the most part, the Toll Free Forwarding feature simply adds a few cents to your normal Rate Per Minute (RPM) charge. But here are a few notes to keep in mind.

  • Forwarding calls to a mobile phone is, most of the time, the most expensive forwarding option.
  • Those forwarding calls to VoIP are in luck! Most providers offer free (or cheap) forwarding to a VoIP phone line. This makes the overall call cheaper since it’s one less cost you’ll have to account for when adding up the legs of your call.

As you can see, Toll Free Forwarding can be an extremely cost effective and useful business tool. If you’re interested in forwarding your Toll Free calls, talk to your provider about the options and rates available for you.

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