For customers interested in Russia Toll Free numbers, you’ll find that there are two options available, 8108 and 8800. While both numbers have the standard capability of a Toll Free number, the two vary when it comes to calling restrictions. To help clear up any confusion, in this article we’ll talk about both 8108 and 8800 numbers and the restrictions that are associated with each specific number.

Russia 0810 and 8800 Numbers

8108 Toll Free numbers

Russia 8108 Toll Free numbers are formatted like this:
810 800 XXXX XXXX

This type of number, while Toll Free in nature, comes with some restrictions that affect it’s capability for the caller.

For starters, 8108 numbers can only be called Toll Free from specific cities and areas in Russia. This is roughly 50 locations. You can see the full list here .

The capability for this number also varies based on the carrier you get it from. For example, with some carriers, this type of number isn’t accessible on pay phones.

Last, this type of number doesn’t work on mobile phones.

Depending on the demographics of your customers, this type of number may be the right choice for you. But if these restrictions won’t work for you, consider a 8800 Russia Toll Free number.

8800 Toll Free numbers

Russia 8800 Toll Free numbers are formatted like this:
8 800 XXX XXXX

This type of number has a wider range of capability than its 8108 counterpart.

This number can be called Toll Free from anywhere in Russia. This is especially useful if you have customers located all over the country rather than in a specific location like the 8107 number.

It is also works on pay phones and mobile phones. This gives your customers the ability to call you no matter how they choose to do it.

If you need a number with a large range of capability, a Russia 8800 number might be the right choice for you. While both numbers are Toll Free for callers, the restrictions are important to keep in mind when choosing a new number.