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TollfreeForwarding Pricing and Review

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What is Toll Free Forwarding?

Toll Free Forwarding or call forwarding is a VoIP feature that allows you to forward or divert the incoming calls you receive on your toll free number to a device (landline, IP address, mobile) of your choice. Important in today’s global business environment, it allows you to forward your customers' calls to an accessible phone and answer them. And, global business means that toll free numbers and toll free forwarding are essential to your worldwide businesses operations.

Toll Free Forwarding Service from Tollfreeforwarding.com

Companies sometimes ask us which international forwarding service we would we recommend if they wanted to know their options. Since we believe nobody delivers the overall quality, worldwide coverage, or competitive pricing that AVOXI does, we don’t mind shining a light on our closest competitors. That’s why our answer often includes Tollfreeforwarding. The company covers a similar range of countries as AVOXI and offers competitive pricing. Unlike AVOXI, they also provide services for personal users rather than focusing solely on business communications.

The purpose of this article is to keep potential customers as informed as possible before making a decision. If you skim through this post and don’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know! Your feedback makes it possible for us to update this piece and future educational content to be as informative and useful as possible.

Before We Review: Factors That Affect Toll Free Forwarding Costs

This review and price breakdown will not make sense if you do not understand how you will be charged for your services. Factors like your caller’s origination, how you answer your calls, and add-on features can make a big difference in your total price. If you’ve worked with a forwarding service before and understand things like origination rates and termination costs, you can skip on ahead to the breakdown. For the rest of you, know that the services you will be  charged for include:

  • A monthly subscription fee.
  • One-time setup fees (for certain countries).
  • Call usage, or per-minute rates for talk time.
  • Add-on features if you choose to use them.

Call Origination Rates

Your calls are charged in 2 parts. The first part, or leg 1, is the origination rate. The origination varies by the caller’s location. This difference is at the country level. For example, there is no difference in call costs from different regions in the UAE. However, there is a difference in per-minute rates from the UAE, Australia, and Canada. You can compare TollFreeForwarding’s origination rates by selecting “SIP/VoIP” as your existing number (this removes the termination costs from the package pricing – more on that next).

Tollfreeforwarding orgination pricing

In some countries, the caller’s device also affects your cost. For example, calls made from a German landline cost less per-minute than calls made from a mobile device.  However, there is no difference between landline and mobile origination costs from callers in the USA. You can check this by looking for a “mobile-enabled” option in TollFreeForwarding’s drop-down menu.

toll free forwarding inbound call cost

Call Termination (Forwarding) Rates

Leg 2 of the call charge is the termination rate. This is the cost per minute associated with where the call is received. Forwarding calls to a landline is almost always less expensive than forwarding to a mobile device. You can optimize your forwarding rates by answering calls on a VoIP softphone. Forwarding to a SIP address associated with your softphone is free, so you only pay for the first leg of the call.

You can get an idea of Tollfreeforwarding’s termination rates by selecting a number and setting the termination number as “SIP/VoIP.” Then, select a new country and take note of the price difference in the rate per minute for additional calls. For example, by toggling between termination to VoIP and the US/Canada, we can see Tollfreeforwarding’s rates for calls forwarded here are about $0.013 per minute.

toll free forwarding cost
tollfreeforwarding com review

TollFreeForwarding Company Overview

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Tollfreeforwarding.com is a private company located in Los Angeles, California. The company founded in 2002 and now employs over 60 people. You can view their full BBB profile here.

TollFreeForwarding's Services

Tollfreeforwarding’s advertised services include:

  • Virtual PBX
  • International Toll Free Numbers
  • Local Phone Numbers (DID Numbers)
  • Phone Number Porting (RespOrg)

Features Capabilities Include:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Time-of-day Routing
  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail2MyEmail
  • Fax2MyEmail
  • Real-time Reporting

Add-on Feature Pricing

Optional Setup Fee: $100 one-time

NASC (Forced Number Transfer): $50 one-time

Port a local number: $40 one time

Call Recording (30 days): $7 per-month + $0.03 per-minute

Call Recording (Long-Term): $0.03 per-minute

TollFreeForwarding Pricing by Country

Tollfreeforwarding’s pricing structure revolves around bundled usage packages attached to each of your virtual numbers. If exhaust all the minutes included with your monthly package, you simply pay for each additional minute at the rate associated with your package. The advantage of buying larger packages is a reduced average cost-per-minute of calls within the package. The cost of additional minutes also reduces with each package upgrade.

Tollfreeforwarding provides virtual numbers in over 120 countries. Below, we’ve included pricing and rates from 7 popular international service locations.


Number Availability: Toll free, 1300, and local numbers.

Local Numbers in Inventory: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Cessnock, Darwin, Gold Coast, Launceston, Melbourne, Murray Bridge, Newcastle, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Wollongong.

Toll Free / 1300 Package Pricing: $9 - $119 per month.

Local Package Pricing:

Setup Fees: None.

Additional Inbound Minute Costs:

  • Toll free / 1300: $0.054 - $0.087 per minute.
  • Local: $0.014 - $0.044 per minute.

Average Landline Forwarding Rate: $0.028 per minute.

Fax2Email Supported: Not guaranteed.


Number Availability: Toll free 800, 400, and local.

Local Numbers Offered (not in inventory): Shanghai

Package Pricing:

  • 800: $19 - $199 per month
  • 400: $49 - $229 per month
  • Shanghai: $24 - $134 per month

Setup Fees: None.

Additional Inbound Minute Costs:

  • 800: $0.367 - $0.442
  • 400: $0.229 - $0.267
  • Shanghai: $0.053 - $0.087

Average Landline Forwarding Rate: $0.013

Fax2Email Supported: Yes with 800 and 400 numbers. Not guaranteed with local.


Number Availability: Toll free and national.

Package Pricing:

  • Toll Free: $14 - $114 per month.
  • National: $13 - $87 per month.

Setup Fees: None.

Additional Minute Costs:

  • Toll Free: $0.036 - $0.061
  • National: $0.014 - $0.044

Average Landline Forwarding Rate: $0.013

Fax2Email Supported:

Toll Free: Yes.

National: Possibly.

South Africa

Number Availability: Toll free, national, local.

Local Numbers in Inventory: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria.

Toll Free and Local Package Pricing:

Toll Free: $24 - $179 per month.

National: $5 - $79 per month.

Local: $9 - $83 per month.

Setup Fees: None.

Additional Inbound Minutes:

  • Toll Free: $0.096 - $0.141.
  • National: $0.022 - $0.054.
  • Local: $0.017 - $0.047.

Average Landline Forwarding Rate: $0.028.

Fax2Email Supported: Yes, from toll free.


Number Availability: Toll free.

Toll Free Package Pricing: $29 - $209 per month.

Setup Fees: None.

Additional Inbound Minutes: $0.229 - $0.267

Average Landline Forwarding Rate: $0.192

Fax2Email Supported: Possibly.

United Kingdom

Number Availability: Toll free (0800 and 0808), national (0330), local.

Local Numbers in Invetory: 50+ cities

Package Pricing:

  • 0800: $14 - $154 per month.
  • 0808: $9 - $149 per month.
  • 0330: $5 - $79 per month.
  • Local: $5 - $79 per month.

Setup Fees: None.

Additional Minute Costs:

  • Toll Free: $0.082 - $0.119
  • 0330 and Local: $0.014 - $0.044.

Average Landline Forwarding Rate: $0.013

Fax2Email Supported: Yes.

USA and Canada

Toll Free Availability: 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888, and true 800 available.

Local Number Availability: Yes, all cities.

Toll Free and Local Package Pricing: $5 - $79 per month.

Setup Fees: None.

Additional Minute Costs: $0.016 - $0.046 per minute.

Average Landline Forwarding Rate: $0.013 per minute.

Fax2Email Supported: Yes.

Setting Up Toll Free Forwarding Numbers

Some of the most important factors to consider before setting up service with Tollfreeforwarding.com or any other provider include:

  • Average inbound rates within each country package.
  • Average forwarding rate to the devices you’ll be answering calls on.
  • Coverage in every region you wish to connect with.
  • Comparative cost of add-on features.

There are plenty of virtual number providers, so there is no reason you shouldn’t get a great deal for whatever you are looking for. If you have any questions or are interested in trying AVOXI for 30 days risk-free, we’d love to hear from you!

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