Queue-Based Routing

Queue-based routing is one of the 20+ call management features available with your flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use phone routing software.

Manage queue-based routing and ring strategy from your browser

Includes 20+ VoIP features like call recording, live monitoring, and analytics

Automated routing to call queues, ring groups, IVR menues and more

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Queue-Based Routing for Business

Queue-based routing is one of the many contact center features included with the AVOXI Genius platform. Your call queue software allows you to customize your agent queues from anywhere and make more intelligent decisions with detailed analytics and quality monitoring features. Configure your queue-based routing rules, IVR menus, automated call flows, and more from your web-based interface. 

Super Flexible, Amazingly Affordable Call Queue Routing Software

Enterprise-level features and reliability don't have to come at a ridiculous price. AVOXI's call queue system works as a stand-alone solution or over the top of any existing PBX. You have complete control of your call queue configuration and several other call management features, including phone recordings, softphone applications, call recording, live call monitoring, custom dispositions, intelligent analytics and so much more.

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VoIP Features Included With Your Call Routing Software

When it comes to delivering advanced VoIP features at the best price possible, no other call routing service has gone as far as AVOXI. Your web-based IVR software includes an amazingly affordable call management system with every feature you need to improve your company's communications today.

Call Analytics

Call Hold

Custom Caller ID


Custom Ring Rules


Custom Greetings

Call Whisper

Call Barge

Custom Call Outcomes

Voicemail Transcription

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Buy phone numbers online and start customizing your call management features right away. After purchasing a virtual number in the online shopping cart, check your email for login instructions.

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To schedule a free demo, or to speak to an  expert about any questions you may have, contact us today! If you expect large call volumes or have unique business needs, ask us about custom solutions.

How to Set Up Queue-Based Routing

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Step 1: Choose a Virtual Number

Choose a virtual number from our online shopping cart. After setting up your number, you will receive a confirmation email with your login credentials. Next, you will have the option to start a free trial with our contact center software platform. From there, you'll be able to configure your queue-based routing rules.

Step 2: Check Your Confirmation Email

After purchasing a virtual number in the online cart, you will receive a confirmation email with your login instructions. Note: If the email you provided is not associated with your listed business, you can still log in. However, your IVR's phone number may not be activated until an AVOXI expert is able to confirm your account details (this usually takes 15 minutes or less).

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Step 3: Customize Your Call Routing

After your number is activated, you can start customizing your call group settings according to your specific business needs. You can update your account anytime from your online interface, including adding or removing phone numbers.

Step 4: Let Us Know How We Can Help

An AVOXI expert will reach out to ensure your call routing is working as you want it to and make sure you have everything you need to improve your team's performance today. If you have any questions, let us know! We'll be available anytime you need help.

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Common Questions About Queue-Based Routing

After confirming that you would like to start a free trial of our contact center software, your account will be set up and activated in 24 hours or less. Once activated, you can customize queue callback, call queues, routing rules, and more instantly and at any time.

Yes, our call routing software works over the top of any existing phone system or as a stand-alone call management solution. 

AVOXI offers local and toll free numbers in 160+ countries. You can active new international business numbers instantly from your user interface. 

In addition to providing the best call queue management software for business, popular services from AVOXI include virtual call center software and VoIP business numbers in 160+ countries. 

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