2020 Contact Center Software Product Highlights

Twenty-twenty has been an unpredictable year, to say the least. Despite the business disruptions caused by the pandemic, your customers are still expecting an exceptional experience every time they call into your business. 

AVOXI’s product and development teams have been hard at work optimizing, streamlining, and enhancing our contact center software to keep your inbound and outbound support teams moving. Below, you’ll find the big releases we’ve introduced to the market this year - providing features and functionality that make it easy for your agents to do great work, every time! 

January: Business Tool Integrations

Providing excellent customer service - in the most efficient way - is the gold standard for call centers. At the beginning of this year, we invested heavily into popular business tool integrations, like CRM, helpdesk, and chat, that pull directly into our contact center infrastructure. 

With these integrations in place, our customers are now able to improve their inbound and outbound services while creating more meaningful interactions that lead to brand loyalty. Connecting these technologies help call centers to streamline their operations by removing manual tasks that slow their teams down. Agents can instantly see contact details like name, company, and job title right from their softphone to better personalize the conversation. After the call is completed, activities are automatically logged with a link to the call recording in the connected platform so agents can get back to more calls without anything falling through the cracks. Integrating business tools, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Intercom, Zoho, Freshdesk, and many more, help teams work smarter (not harder) to drive service level home. 

March: Click-to-Call

Back in March, we introduced Click-to-Call, a software feature that helps outbound teams make more calls in less time. Once the AVOXI Click-to-Call extension is enabled, online phone numbers are instantly converted to live links, making it easier than ever to click a phone number and initiate an outbound call!  

Teams can easily place calls to prospects directly from phone numbers on digital applications, profiles, websites, and lead forms. Browser extensions that support this feature include Chrome, Edge, and Firefox for prospecting made simple. 

Use mouse cursor to click a live-link telephone number with click-to-call by AVOXI

April: Disposition Reports

Disposition reports is a manager-favorite feature that provides a quick analysis of call outcomes. Managers get fast, immediate visibility into call activities across their call center, allowing them to monitor inbound and outbound call outcomes by team or agent view. 

These advanced reports can help you to improve efficiency and gain valuable insight into the success of team processes. Managers can easily stay informed with call tag intelligence by incorporating disposition labels such as demo booked, incorrect number, appointment confirmed, or left a voicemail.

June: Live Dashboards

Data is critical to the measurement of operational effectiveness in your call center. Without the right tools to show - and understand - how your team is performing, you could be missing out on a lot of key insights to improve your processes. Launched in June, our Live Dashboards feature provides call centers with a consolidated view of critical KPIs that keep your business running. 

This user-friendly dashboard includes report-building tools that allow you to monitor performance in real-time. Manage team member statuses with agent report cards, and easily monitor the number of active calls and average wait time to quickly reallocate resources when call traffic is climbing. 

July: Call Forwarding 

Call centers go to extreme measures to avoid having missed calls. Introduced in July, Call Forwarding is a feature that gives call center managers the ability to redirect calls to a mobile device, external number, email, or other premium routes like an IVR system, User, or Teams. AVOXI customers can customize their call distribution system to redirect to agents on skills-based, time-based, and other routing prompts that best serve the caller’s needs.

Forwarding calls is great to have when call volume is at its peak. Calls that go unanswered don’t bode well for any business - reroute your missed calls to assist in better customer-agent interactions and ensure a dependable business presence for your customers. 

July: Teams

Businesses are always looking for a customer-centric approach to reduce wait time and limit sending callers to voicemail. With AVOXI Teams - also known as Call Queues - you can now organize, filter, and formally group agents who share similar job qualities and responsibilities. 

With this feature, you’ll be able to reduce wait times by distributing incoming calls across team members and enhance the customer experience through custom hold music, messaging, and timeout limits. Users can view all of the created groups by team name, the number of members belonging to each team, ring strategy, and timeout specifications. 

August: Live Call Coaching

Live Call Coaching is a feature we brought to life in August to help managers monitor conversations in real-time and ensure quality and consistency standards are being maintained. With this feature directly on your softphone, you can seamlessly take a closer look at customer interactions and proactively identify areas to improve agent performance. Coach your team from anywhere at any time, leveraging these three functionalities: 

  • Monitor: Accelerate new agent onboarding with Monitor. New agents can listen in on conversations in real-time and learn how to handle real caller inquiries like a pro. 
  • Whisper: Leverage Whisper to ensure consistency is being maintained and support the agent when they need a little help. Provide on-the-spot coaching only they can hear! 
  • Barge: Are your agents running into tough conversations? Managers can easily join the call conversation to get it back on track. 

September: Scheduled Reports

Did you know that 34% of contact center agents don’t have the right customer data available at the time of need? With more than one-third operating blindly, it’s crucial to have performance-driven reports delivered on time to your team. To solve that problem, we introduced Scheduled Reports in September. 

With the ability to get critical reports, delivered in a scheduled manner, managers now have the insight they need to stay ahead of critical service-level metrics. Customers can easily automate the circulation of these reports - within a CSV or PDF file - from their dashboard to help identify areas of triumph and places for improvement. 

It’s important to make sure service quality is being met across your entire team. Automatically schedule and deploy these reports so members of your organization can get visibility into important KPIs like call capacity or disposition to track call outcomes. 

October: Queue Callback

Everybody wins when Queue Callback is enabled for your teams. Not only do 60% of customers prefer it, but businesses oftentimes see a reduction in abandoned calls, workloads are prioritized, and best of all, your customers feel their time is valued.

Queue Callback gives customers more time back in their day, allowing them to virtually hold in line until an agent is ready to callback and assist them. By removing long wait times and difficult-to-navigate prompts, your business can improve call abandonment by 32% resulting in happier customers. Managers enjoy the cost-savings that come with Queue Callback, including low call rates and fewer employees on the clock. 

November: Unlimited U.S. & Canada Calling

With the Unlimited U.S. & Canada Calling plan from AVOXI, customers are no longer constrained by a certain allotment of minutes per month. Instead, international companies receiving inbound calls and making outbound calls across the United States and Canada can do so for only $9.99 price per line. 

Contact center customers get great rates while also benefiting from AVOXI’s industry-leading voice coverage and call quality. 

Whether you’re looking to break into the North American markets or stay connected to your customer base, our Unlimited U.S. & Canada Calling plan gives businesses peace-of-mind knowing just how much they’re paying without worry for minute limitations. Connect affordably, even if you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away. 

Customer-First Features to Enhance Business Processes

The AVOXI team has spent countless hours researching, developing, and delivering automation and technology solutions for our customers that are tailored to their needs. Not only do they help streamline our customers’ business processes, but also assist in identifying and achieving their customer satisfaction benchmarks. 

As we push through these last few months and head into 2021, we’ll continue to listen to the needs of our customers. Our September customer survey highlighted a continued need for simplicity and an integrated experience across multiple business technologies, and that’s exactly what we plan to provide. 

We are continuously evolving our product roadmap to provide you with the tools you need to provide exceptional customer experiences every time. Interested in requesting a particular feature for next year? We’d love to hear your thoughts at [email protected].

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