Asia Number Porting Guide


Are you having trouble trying to check your VoIP number portability? We had the same problem, so we put together the best Asia phone number portability guide there is! Our information comes from: Documentation published online about VoIP number porting from each country’s regulatory body. AVOXI’s internal documentation about international number porting from local carriers globally.…

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International vs Domestic Toll Free Numbers

  As the top provider of international and domestic toll free numbers worldwide, customers often ask us about the differences between these two types of numbers. Today, we’ll clear up any confusion. Topics covered include: What is a domestic toll free number? The differences between international vs domestic toll free numbers. Which countries use domestic…

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Toll vs Toll Free vs Direct Dial

Toll vs toll free vs direct dial. We’ve noticed plenty of confusion about these terms on the web. Luckily, this article will make it very simple to understand the difference between using a toll free or local DID number. You’ll also see plan comparisons and learn what people actually mean when they say DID toll…

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0800 Number Price Guide

how much does 0800 number cost

  For over 18 years, AVOXI has helped companies around the world get the best 0800 number pricing where they may need service. Find the best cost of 0800 number plans in the UK, New Zealand, Netherlands, France and South Africa below. 0800 number cost information was last updated in November 2018. Your 0800 Number…

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How Much Do Virtual Phone Numbers Cost?

Virtual Number Pricing

As you probably already know, virtual phone numbers are a cost-effective way for businesses or all sizes grow and communicate with customers all around the world. One common question is how much does a virtual number cost? Unfortunately, there isn’t really a clear cut answer. Several things can affect how much your virtual number costs. AVOXI…

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Complete Call Center Disaster Recovery Checklist (2018)

call center disaster recovery plan

Cloud-hosted phone systems are used by thousands of call centers around the world and continue to grow in popularity.  As these systems operate via the internet and a computer or data based system, disruptions and downtimes have been known to transpire. However, there are still many call centers that have little to no process or…

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How Much Do International Toll Free Numbers Cost?

international toll free number costs

Request Demo Talk to a Specialist Contact Us   Since 2001, AVOXI has helped businesses find the best toll free number pricing around the world. This 800 number price guide was originally posted in May 2017. Alot has changed since then, and our breakdown of toll free number costs has now been updated to reflect…

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The Top Benefits of Call Center SIP Trunking

sip trunking benefits and best practices

The Top Benefits of Call Center SIP Trunking Which benefits make SIP trunks the most promising option for unified communications? We’re breaking down 6 advantages of SIP trunks, including amazing data around productivity, cost reduction, and ROI! The Advantages of Modern SIP Trunk Strategies In 2020, the global business environment changed dramatically. A dramatic shift…

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