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[Comparison] Top 1800 Number Providers

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A leading provider of 1800 numbers for nearly 20 years, AVOXI urges you to shop around and compare. There is plenty of choice in virtual phone number providers that offer 1800 service. In this article, we compare AVOXI’s 1800 service offering with two top competitors: Grasshopper and Phone.com.

Choosing the 1800 Number Provider That’s Right for You

Setting up a 1800 number is essential for any growing business. It’s especially important in global business. In today’s markets, it is more important than ever to give your customers and prospects an easy way to reach you. And, having a toll free number can make the difference in who they choose to call—you, or your competitor.

If you want to obtain an 800 number, it’s important to sign up with a provider that delivers the service you want with the features and pricing you need. Key benefits to setting up a 1800 number for business include:

  • Attracting customers in a new market
  • Giving your existing customers a hassle-free way to reach you at no charge to them
  • Reinforcing your brand with an easy-to-remember phone number
  • Looking more professional to potential customers
  • Keeping the same number even if you change locations

Comparing Top 1800 Number Providers

In reviewing providers, you want to identify the 1800 number provider that delivers the service your business requires at a fair price. The comparison outlines the pros and cons of each 1800 number service and covers:

  • Process to obtain a 1800 number
  • Features and services included with the 1800 phone number
  • 1800 number service costs and charges

We’ll take a look at two top providers, Grasshopper and Phone.com, and compare their service offerings to AVOXI.

1800 Number Provider Profile: Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a toll-free and vanity 800 number provider in the United States. A cloud-based phone provider, Grasshopper focuses on services for small to mid-sized businesses. They offer both local and toll free numbers for customers doing business in the USA.

Grasshopper charges an activation fee. However, they typically waive that one-time fee for new customers. Grasshopper offers three distinct toll free service plans, each one giving you unlimited minutes, several business-class features, and no need to sign a long-term contract.

1800 Number Provider Grasshopper

Solo: At $24 a month, the Solo plan gives you a 1800 number with three extensions that you can forward to the numbers of your choice.

Partner: With the Partner plan for $49 a month, you get three 1800 numbers* and six extensions.

Small Business: At $89 per month, the Small Business plan includes five 1800 numbers* and unlimited extensions, plus the additional features of texting and voicemail-to-text transcription.

*Disclaimer on Grasshopper.com website accessed 4/10/2018: Pick one number now, and add the rest after checkout. Offers available only to new Grasshopper customers.

Common features for all Grasshopper plans include:

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Custom greetings
  • Voicemail
  • Desktop access
  • Mobile app
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Incoming fax
  • Caller ID

Additionally, Grasshopper offers add-ons like texting, international calling, and voicemail-to-text transcription for an additional fee. International and off-shore calls bill at per minute rates based on location.

Pros and Cons of Grasshopper:

On the plus side:

  • Fast and easy to set up your 1800 number
  • Local numbers in every United States region
  • Incoming fax support
  • Call routing allows you to have multiple lines on hold at the same time
  • Informational extensions give your customers easy access to hours, location, and more

On the downside:

  • Business text costs $10 a month per number
  • Voicemail-to-email or text is another $10 a month per number
  • Service requires an existing landline or cellular phone
  • No access to features like call recording, analytics, or conferencing

Grasshopper is a great 1800 number provider tailor-made for solo entrepreneurs or smaller businesses with just a few employees. However, if your company has 20 or more employees, you risk your business needs outgrowing their services quickly.

1800 Number Provider Profile: Phone.com

Phone.com is an 800 number provider focused on unified communications for business. Founded in 2007 as a communications platform for SMBs, Phone.com includes a broad set of features with each of their plans. Additionally, they offer an “a la carte” add-on features at additional cost.

Phone.com’s unlimited and pay-per-minute plans allow you to choose the one that makes the most sense for your business. You have the option of paying on a yearly basis, which saves you a few bucks.

1800 Number Provider Phone.com

Base Plan: $12.99 per month with 300 minutes or $22.99 unlimited minutes

  • Includes one 1800 number or a local number
  • 5K text messages included in either plan
  • Unlimited user extensions

Plus Plan: $19.99 per month with 500 minutes included or $24.99 per month unlimited

  • Includes two 1800 numbers or local numbers or one of each
  • 10K SMS messages per month
  • Premium feature included: on-hold music

Pro Plan: $39.99 per month with 1000 minutes included or $27.99 unlimited

  • Includes three 1800 numbers or local numbers
  • 20K SMS messages per month
  • Premium features included: on-hold music, call analytics, HD video conferencing

Please note that restrictions apply to Phone.com’s unlimited minutes offered the plans. See their Terms of Service to review.

Pros and Cons of Phone.com

On the plus side:

  • 40 standard features included in every plan
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Use your existing phones or purchase theirs
  • Mobile support
  • US-based customer service
  • Custom 1800 numbers
  • Integrations for Salesforce and Zoho CRMs
  • Works with an analog phone (with the Phone.com adapter)

On the downside:

  • Requires purchase of Phone.com adapter to use your own analog phones
  • No round-the-clock support
  • Knowledge based pages for support and help articles limited
  • Call analytics and call recording are an extra charge

Phone.com is an excellent business VoIP system for SMBs and up. Though plans are slightly more expensive than some other 1800 number providers, the company offers a great feature set that helps support productivity and collaboration.

1800 Number Provider Profile: AVOXI

With customers around the globe, AVOXI is a leading 1800 number and business VoIP provider with a long history of excellence. We offer a wide range of business plans to suit any need or call volume—from SMBs to call centers.

AVOXI offers 1800 number packages ranging from $4.49 a month and .041 cents per minute (with no minutes included) to $70.99 a month and .014 cents per minute with 7522 minutes included.

1800 Number Provider AVOXI

AVOXI Pros and Cons

On the plus side:

  • Robust business calling features
  • Flexible pricing; including pay-as-you go, monthly, and annual
  • Virtual attendant/IVR
  • Fully hosted PBX in the cloud
  • Call forwarding/routing
  • Call groups
  • Fax to email
  • SIP trunk provisioning
  • 24/7 live customer service and support

On the downside

  • Less suitable for entrepreneurs or micro businesses, but we offer one-to-one assistance in setup

AVOXI is a top player in the 1800 number marketplace, delivering business solutions that match your needs and budget. Best for any size company from SMB to SME and the enterprise, AVOXI provides solutions that make sense.

A 1800 Number Supports Your Business Growth

As you look for the right 1800 number provider, check out AVOXI’s options using our pricing tool. From the service desk to the C-suite, AVOXI believes that adding a 1800 number increases your agility, accessibility, and profitability. And, customers appreciate that they don’t have to worry about toll charges when they call.

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