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Comparing International Number Providers in South America

International Toll Free Number Providers in South America

TollFreeForwarding.com vs Voxbone & DIDWW

Whether located in South America or seeking to connect with customers in that region, your company has many options available for telecommunication services. A variety of providers, large and small, offer phone services in South America’s 12 countries. And, many provide international toll free numbers in select locations like Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. AVOXI looks at major types of telecommunications providers to help you understand your options for toll free numbers in South America.

In this summary, AVOXI compares packaged and online aggregators that provide international toll free numbers. However, there is more to the decision process than provider selection. You need to decide what type of number best serves your company’s goals—International Toll Free Service (ITFS), local (DID), or other type of virtual number.

Packaged Carrier Provider: TollFreeForwarding.com

TollFreeForwarding.com is a telecommunications provider located in Los Angeles, California. The company’s main communication focus is international toll free and local phone numbers. Along with these products, TollFreeForwarding.com offers a hosted PBX that allows you to use a variety of business-class phone features such as interactive voice response (IVR)/auto attendant and multiple extensions.

As a worldwide number provider, the company offers expanded service in South America, including all the major countries. Depending on the country you seek, there are mobile, toll free and local phone numbers available. For instance, in Brazil, there all three options available. But in Paraguay, you’ll be limited to an international toll free number.

Key Points to Note When Reviewing TollFreeForwarding.com

  • Phone Number Inventory:com carries a large inventory of phone numbers that includes ITFS, mobile and Local DID numbers. Quick service turn up if a number is in inventory.
  • Pricing: The company offers tiered pricing based on minute bundles exclusively. Most minute bundles are not used each month. Customers pay more per minute due to breakage in the bundled offering.
  • Features:com offers a broad set of calling features including IVR auto attendant and time of day routing. The user interface is basic.
  • Customer Support: Based on your location, customer support is available during specific hours based on the time zone from which you call.

Online Number Providers: VoxBone and DIDWW

Online number providers such as VoxBone and DIDWW are primarily online number aggregators that focus on wholesale provision of numbers along with offerings to business clients including boutique service providers and software development teams.


Voxbone provides a communications infrastructure that historically serviced communication providers, international carriers, and enterprise contact centers. Expanding to the enterprise cloud communication space, the company offers local virtual numbers in more than 60 countries. Its coverage in South American includes six select countries, but it has no coverage in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Uruguay or Venezuela.


As a telecommunications company, DIDWW offers local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual numbers. The company supplies a broad spectrum of cloud telephony companies with its virtual number inventory, including Tier 1 carriers, mobile, ILD, ITSP, call center, calling card, and conference operators.

Key Points to Note When Reviewing an Online Number Provider:

  • Phone Number Inventory: Voxbone and DIDWW maintain inventory in South America for select countries and number types with a focus on local virtual numbers.
  • Pricing: Pricing is per minute, per channel and per month charges, some countries include channel or capacity limitations of 2 channels per number maximum.
  • Coverage: Do not provide 100% coverage in South America.
  • Customer Support/Service: Focus on chat and email customer service for clients.

What type of numbers can you get in South America?

Many providers offer some level of service for toll free numbers in South America, but the challenge is to find one provider that offers 100% coverage. AVOXI offers a wide-range of telecommunication services within this region and recently expanded services to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador. AVOXI focuses on local in-country direct carrier relationships, creating a high quality and high coverage service.

AVOXI toll free numbers in South AmericaAs a reference, see AVOXI’s coverage in the map.

With any phone number, AVOXI offers an expansive online portal that allows users to manage their services easily and effectively. Whether you have one number or hundreds of phone numbers, the AVOXI Core platform helps your business streamline your communication strategy, saving you time and money.

With over 15 years in this realm, we established AVOXI’s services for toll free numbers in South America and across the globe by connecting with local carriers. Doing this allows us to offer the most reliable and cost-effective service available.

Want to know more about AVOXI’s wide-ranging international service options available for South America? Talk to a VoIP Specialist today.