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What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Early phones relied on wires spanning across the globe and phone numbers dependent on your physical location. While this continues to be true, modern technology now allows for wire-free communication and virtual phone numbers that can work almost anywhere in the world. In this article we’ll explore what a virtual phone number is, what makes them work and how an individual or business can benefit from using this type of phone number.

What are virtual phone numbers?

Like we mentioned above, most people think of phone numbers in terms of the physical location associated with it. For instance, a phone number with a 404 area code is immediately associated with the state of Georgia. These types of numbers were traditionally just given to residents of that area and were assigned to one specific telephone for incoming and outgoing calls.

Virtual phone numbers work a little bit different. Instead of these numbers being assigned to a specific location or telephone, they can be purchased by anyone and be assigned to an existing phone. For instance, someone living in the state of Alabama could purchase a Georgia 404 virtual number and have it ring to their personal cell phone. This is beneficial because it gives them the appearance of a local Georgia phone number without having to reside in that specific location.

How do virtual phone numbers work?

Virtual phone numbers utilize VoIP technology. This replaces the need for old traditional copper phone wires and instead, uses high-speed fiber optic cables to send and receive voice signals.

Even though it’s running on different technology, your virtual phone number seamlessly forwards to your telephone. These numbers can work on a landline, cellphone or your VoIP service if you have it. The technology works fast to ensure that each call is delivered without lag.

Benefits of a virtual phone number

Startups, large corporations and even individuals can benefit from a virtual phone number.

Ordinarily, these types of phone numbers are used to create a presence in a location where you aren’t already located. For companies especially, a virtual phone number gives your customers the appearance that you’re a local company.

Virtual phone numbers are also beneficial cost-wise. Depending on the type of number you choose, calls are normally cheaper or even free for callers. It saves you and your caller the hassle of dealing with International calling fees and added calling codes.

Regardless of its use, virtual phone numbers provide a wide variety of advantages for companies or individuals looking for a more convenient calling solution. Technology is forever shaping our means of communication and virtual numbers are a true testament to that.

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