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Vanity Phone Numbers

Increase brand awareness and attract more customers with vanity numbers from AVOXI


Vanity Phone Numbers for Business

Vanity numbers, both local and toll free, provide enormous benefits to businesses worldwide. Easy to remember, vanity phone numbers are more than a string of numbers. Instead, they spell out a word or phrase that is relevant to your business. For example, AVOXI’s vanity 800 number, 1 (800) 462-8694, spells out 1 (800) GO-AVOXI.

Benefits of Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers, particularly vanity toll free numbers, are appealing to customers because they are free to dial. They’re also a strong credibility indicator for prospects who may be deciding whether or not to do business with you.

Additional benefits of vanity phone numbers include:

Brand Awareness

Stand out from a sea of competitors with a vanity phone number that prospects will easily remember.

More Phone Calls

Prospects and customers are more likely to dial a vanity toll free number because it’s easy to remember, and it establishes brand credibility.

Higher Conversion

Inbound phone calls are 10 times more likely to convert than online form fills, according to Invoca.

Types of Vanity Numbers

Most vanity phone numbers are toll free numbers. However, you can also get universal international toll free phone numbers in the form of vanity numbers. This is one advantage of UIFN numbers over international toll free numbers, as ITFS numbers do not come in the form of vanity numbers.

AVOXI has access to a database of all vanity numbers and can research quickly the availability of requested vanity numbers. An AVOXI representative can provide you with complete details.

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vanity phone numbers for your business

Choosing the Right Vanity Number for Your Business

800 vanity numbers are only useful if you choose the right combination of words. Vanity numbers that have simple, easy-to-use words or numbers are best. Some well-known examples include +1-800-FLOWERS or +1-800-CONTACTS.

Additional tips for choosing the right vanity toll free number include:

  • Make sure that the number you choose clearly conveys what your business does.
  • Don’t use unique or alternate spellings; this can confuse your prospects and customers.
  • Pre-order the number as soon as you find a provider who offers the vanity number you want to ensure that you do not lose it to a competitor.

Don’t make your customers struggle to remember your company’s phone number. Use an easy-to-remember vanity toll free or local number.

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